Bonnee, Bella and Bentley

My latest finished commission, finished in the first week of August is a lovely example of a multiple dog portrait.  The painting shows Bonnee, an eleven year old working springer spaniel, Bella, a three year old show springer spaniel, and Bentley a one year old show Cocker spaniel.  

These three beautiful friends love to have rides on the family canal boat which I was also asked to add as a backdrop to the portrait.   The painting will be given to my customer’s husband as a birthday surprise and she was really delighted with the finished result and gave the testimonial below…

“Oh wow! That is better than I ever expected. Thank you. He will love it!”

Please note: When supplying the photo or photos of your animals please remember to have a good image size so that features are clear to see and  several different photos for me to work from is ideal.  Photos should if possible be taken at ‘eye level’ rather than looking down on the subject.

Below you can see some of the photos I was given for reference and my original sketch:

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