Daisy the Dalmatian

I have just finished a lovely portrait of a Dalmatian called Daisy.

She really was a joy to paint and I had perfect photos to work from too which is always a great help.

The thing to remember with photos of animals is to have a good image size so that features are clear to see and  several different ones to work from too ideally. 

Photos should if possible be taken at ‘eye level’ rather than looking down on the subject.

Here you can see how I choose my photos, produced the first sketch and then transform it into the finished painting including the background of daisies that had been requested.

Daisy’s owner was really delighted with her portrait and gave the following testimonial…

“A wonderful painting which looks exactly like Daisy, I’m so happy with the finished result with the beautiful flowers in the background. It has pride of place in our home. Will recommend to all my family and friends.” 

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