Other Pet Portrait Commissions by Jill Michelle Smith

Your original, quality mounted artwork of your pet is available in two sizes:

14” x 11” mount size – £95
20” x 16” mount size – £115 (with two animals – £135)

If you would like more than two pets in a painting please contact me for an individual quote. A £30 deposit required on placement of all pet portrait orders. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for completion. Worldwide shipping available. Framing available for an additional cost.

Below are some examples of my other pet portrait commissions

Oliver the Grey Horse

Pet portrait in sepia ink and watercolour

I was delighted to take on this commission as it is not very often that I am asked to paint a horse.  I really enjoyed painting his beautiful dappled grey coat and portraying his peaceful nature.  Oliver is shown in a homely rural scene slowly tucking into his hay.


Alfie and Ernie the Rabbits

Pet portrait in sepia ink and watercolour

These rabbit brothers were absolutely beautiful and great fun to paint with their unusual markings.  Half lop ear and half Dutch rabbit, it wasn’t clear at first whether they were going to have upright ears or lop ears – I think they made the right decision!


 Crackers the Parrot

Pet portrait in sepia ink and watercolour

This lively and rather noisy parrot is such a character and a real joy to paint.  I think I have caught the mischievous look in her eye and was able to set her in a background of hibiscus flowers which are her owner Tracey’s favourites!


Kiki the Parrot

Pet portrait in sepia ink and watercolour

Kiki Parrot is full of character.  Very cheerful and very noisy, she enjoys free flying around her owners living room and perching on shoulders!  Kiki’s owner requested a painted background of pretty flowers.  This time I chose apple blossom to provide contrast with Kiki’s bright feathers.