Dog Portraits by Jill Michelle Smith

Your original, quality mounted artwork of your pet is available in two sizes:
14” x 11” mount size – £95

20” x 16” mount size – £115 (with two animals – £135)

If you would like more than two pets in a painting please contact me for an individual quote. A £30 deposit required on placement of all pet portrait orders. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for completion. Worldwide shipping available. Framing available for an additional cost.

Below are some examples of my dog portraiture and commissions


Saffy the Golden Cocker Spaniel

Pet portrait in sepia ink and watercolour

Saffy is a beautiful golden cocker spaniel and a delight to paint.  I used a perfect pose from a photograph but put her in a seaside scene.  Saffy loves the beach, and spends lots of time playing with pebbles between her front paws,  something I hope I have managed to capture in the painting.



Merlin and Dyllis, the Welsh Terriers

Pet portrait in sepia ink and watercolour

– I know brother and sister, Merlin and Dyllis, very well as they belong to a friend of mine.  They are feisty little Welsh terriers, so what a wonderful choice of names!  I had a marvellous photo reference to work from then placed them in a garden scene with ox eye daisies.


Bailey Goodson the Yorkipoo

Pet portrait in sepia ink and watercolour

Bailey is a yorkipoo and such a pretty little boy – in his photos he actually looked like a soft toy and I think this shows in his portrait.  He is seen posing with his favourite doggy toy and cuddly cushion bone against a background of roses – his owner’s favourite flowers!


 Mr Bister and Blossom the King Charles Spaniels

Pet portrait in sepia ink and watercolour

This delightful pair of King Charles spaniels often enjoy walks with their owners at Overstrand on the Norfolk coast.  It is a favourite place for the whole family, so I worked from several photos to bring the pair together in a beach scene with the pebbles and crab shell they love to play with.


 Ben the Collie Springer Cross

Pet portrait in sepia ink and watercolour

One of the main features of this painting of Ben, a lively and characterful collie springer cross, is the inclusion of his favourite toy – Stinky Minky!  Ben is always with Stinky Minky so his owners thought it would be great fun to have him in pride of place at the front of the painting with Ben.


 Boris the Cockerpoo Puppy

Pet portrait in sepia ink and watercolour

Boris was only a puppy when I painted this picture of him.  This lovely little cockerpoo belongs to a friend and was a very shy little dog, but I was able to take some lovely photos of him to work from.  Here he is shown with all his favourite toys and cuddly cushion.


 Dancer the Collie

Pet portrait in sepia ink and watercolour

This good-natured collie was a joy to paint with her beautiful colouring and happy smile.  Dancer loves going for long country walks through the fields near where she lives in North Walsham and I was able to include her owners’ favourite flowers – poppies, in the background.

Dolly the Chihuahua and Jack Russell Cross

Pet portrait in sepia ink and watercolour

Looking closely at the photos of Dolly I could really see her Chihuahua and Jack Russell heritage.  She was a really joyful little dog and great fun to paint.  She is shown in my painting in her owners’ garden next to their favourite red geranium plants and with her yellow tennis ball.



Nellie the Cockerpoo

Pet portrait in sepia ink and watercolour

Nellie is a lovely girl whose owner, Helen, runs the South Norfolk branch of

Nellie is shown here wearing her company bandanna (although I have made the logo a little bigger – artistic licence!)

Helen said that Nellie’s favourite place is the beach so I painted her in a lovely sandy scene.


Daisy the Dalmation

Pet portrait in sepia ink and watercolour

Daisy the dalmation is a very beautiful young lady.  I painted her very carefully so that I didn’t miss out any of her individual markings.  I was provided with some wonderful photographs to work from and placed her in a garden scene in front of a backdrop of daisies – her namesake!



Pet portrait in sepia ink and watercolour

Like so many crossbreeds, perky little Dudley is full of spirit.  He loves going for walks in the woods, but he also just loves his favourite toy doughnut!  I managed to create a painting which places him in a bluebell wood – but can anyone spot his doughnut?


Evie (first painting)

Pet portrait in sepia ink and watercolour

Evie very sadly is no longer with us, but her owners wanted a special painting to remember her by. I created this beautiful portrait of her laying contentedly in the garden.  I painted her ears upright rather than down as shown in the reference because her owners requested this specially.


Evie (second painting)

Pet portrait in sepia ink and watercolour

Evie’s family were so happy with their first portrait of Evie that they asked for a second one of her, this time posed in her blue bandanna scarf!  It makes her look lovely and cheeky and what a wonderful way to remember a very special family friend.


Frank the Sproodle

Pet portrait in sepia ink and watercolour

Frank is a Sproodle, half springer spaniel and half poodle.  He is a lovely calm animal and faithful friend.  He is shown on the beach, his favourite place for a walk. He wears the bow tie he wore as best man at his owners’ wedding and the painting also includes a symbolic rainbow.


Hendrix the Collie Cross

Pet portrait in sepia ink and watercolour

Well what a wonderful name for a start!  He is a rather roguish looking collie cross of advanced years who I really enjoyed painting and setting in a favourite scene.  As shown, he still enjoys a walk on the beach with his owner as long as it isn’t too long or too fast!


Larry the Bedlington Terrier

Pet portrait in sepia ink and watercolour

Larry is a very large male Bedlington Terrier with a big character to match!  His owners requested that I painted him in a woodland scene as this is his favourite place to walk.  He thoroughly enjoys snuffling through all the dry leaves and enjoying all the interesting smells!


Martha the Bracco Italiano and Eddie the English Springer Spaniel

Pet portrait in sepia ink and watercolour

Martha, a Bracco Italiano, and Eddie, an English springer spaniel, are great friends despite their size difference.  Another pair of dogs who just love time on the beach playing with each other and their owners, so a seaside scene as a background was requested.

View original photos of Martha and Eddie

Myah the Springer Spaniel

Pet portrait in sepia ink and watercolour

This beautiful springer spaniel had the most delightful hair style, almost as if she had been permed!  Her colouring was a pleasure to paint too and I put her in a riverside setting with ducklings in the background as she loves walking beside water and often jumps in for a swim!



Pet portrait in sepia ink and watercolour

Nelson was a second commission by the owners of Saffy the golden cocker spaniel. They bought this painting as a family Christmas present.  Nelson is quite a character who loves playing in the garden with his favourite rubber burger!  This of course had to be in the painting too!



Pet portrait in sepia ink and watercolour

Rosco’s bright eyes and spirit, shine out of this special portrait.  He is shown with his favourite snuggle rug and his favourite toy ‘Doggy’.  I had to pose this painting carefully and not cover both his ears as in the provided reference or Rosco might have ended up looking like a sheep!


Dory the Springer Spaniel

Commission in sepia ink and watercolour

Dory is such a beautiful little dog full of character which I think shines out in this jolly painting, Her owners also are very fond of roses so I was able to incorporate a potted rose bush into the design as well as Dory’s favourite play thing – a red and blue stripey sock! 

View original photo of Dory

Zak the Short-haired Collie

Pet portrait in sepia ink and watercolour

Zak is a really handsome short-haired collie with lots of lovely markings which I really enjoyed painting.  As with most collies he is full of energy and loves endless games in the garden most often with his favourite toy, a large rugby ball!

Benji the Lurcher and Brooke the Labrador

Pet portrait in sepia ink and watercolour

Benji the lurcher and Brooke the chocolate Labrador’s owner wanted a painting of the two doggy friends together.  The original photo I worked from was taken in the kitchen but it was decided that it would be far nicer to place them in the garden and with their favourite teddy!