I have always loved illustration and have worked on many and various projects

My unique and delicate illustrative style uses sepia pen and watercolour which is particularly suited to children’s books.

If you are an author or publisher and are looking for an illustrator, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Below are a selection of pages from children’s books that I have illustrated as well as some  lovingly-crafted illustrations for a gallery exhibition .

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Tabby Cat

 A set of four illustrative paintings from a book about a plump tabby cat called Cubby who gets up to a lots mischief when not snoozing or waiting for his dinner!


Pages from a young children’s book about the adventures of a cat toy called Dazzle.  He doesn’t want to be played with all the time and attempts to escape with help from all his friends – he even tries a cunning disguise!

Seaside Poetry Illustrations

Illustrations from a poetry book about the seaside. Featuring a pretty mermaid and her ocean chums and a rather fierce looking orca whale!

Teddy’s Adventures Around Norfolk 

These pretty illustrations were for a gallery exhibition with the theme ‘Norfolk life’.

I decided to paint my husband’s old teddy as he journeyed  around Norfolk but from a teddy’s perspective!

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